Soaringlab is a web-based project to provide tools for gliderpilots.
From pre-flight preparation to live tracking of your friends.

Enjoy analysing flights and prepare for the next !

Review Flights

There is no such thing as "to much information" when we are analysing our flights.

Explore the numerous flight statistics, and learn how to improve your next flight.

Use the 2d mode for a fast and clear display, switch to 3D mode for stunning graphics and landscapes.

Prepare Flights

Pre-flight preparation is essential for a comfortable flight

Load and create waypointfiles to mark hotspot, airfields or outlanding possibilities.

Use the taskcreator to easily create your tasks and export them for your navigation device.

Live Tracking

Live flight tracking really brings back the "lab" in Soaringlab.

Based on the "Open glider network" flightdata, we can create some awesome tools to follow our friends, or to broadcast entire competitions.

Keep an eye on our website as we are working on new features...

Start Live Tracking

Join the Soaringlab Homebase !

Manage your flights : As a gliderpilot you need to keep track of your flights and keep your logbook up to date.
Use the Soaringlab logbook as a digital version of your papers and centralize your IGC files

Personal flightstatistics : It's always interesting and fun to see your own progression.
In the Soaringlab Homebase you can find a lot of interesting statistics.

Tune your gliders : In the Homebase Hangar, you can personalize your gliders.
Create your glider and it will be automatically linked to your next flight.

Manage waypoint and taskfiles : Save waypoints and taskfiles,
and download them later to your navigation device.