About Soaringlab


Soaringlab started as an experimental project to replay flights, recorded in de FAI standard igc-format. Inspired by the IGC webviewer of Alistair Green and Richard Brisbourne, and further developed by Bart Leysen.

IGC webviewer shows the potential of a web-based application to replay flights in all type of browsers (expect IE), accessible on any type of device that has an internetconnection without the need of installing software.


Racing gliders is one of the most intense experiences you can have as a pilot, besides the skill of flying and control your aircraft there are many other aspects like strategy and timing.

Although these races are so spectacular for competitors, they are almost invisible for spectators and hard to keep track of the status of the race because most of these races have free startgates.

Soaringlab's mission is to visualize these races and individual flights and to collect as many data as we can. Also to create an overview of what exactly is happening during our flights. So we can learn more about our own mistakes and give an answer on a common question afterwards "How did he/she do that ??".

Something about me

I (Bart Leysen) work as a freelance CAD designer with some experience as webdeveloper and off course glidingfreak.

When the pieces of 3D modelling, webdesign and flightanalyses came together, it was the perfect mix to experiment new techniques which are also key elements in my professional career.