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Soaringlab Live Flight Tracking

Since a few weeks we have started exploring the potential of live flight tracking in Soaringlab.

First beta test is already running in the soaringlab viewer, so feel free to try this new feature !

Combining the 2D tactical google map and stunning 3D earth graphics provides us a whole new dimension to follow flights from over the world as if you were there. This first release focuses on the complete freedom of moving around while keeping the interface simple.

Some things to know...

To optimize performance, Soaringlab introduces the "Radarzone". This zone will copy the area selected on the 2D map and will be marked as a green rectangle. Only flights within this area will be loaded to prevent loading of irrelevant data.

The Radarzone is limited to an area of 500km's and will be automatically reduced when the map area is larger.

While in "live tracking" mode, it is still possible to load waypoints and tasks as before, this way you can use your waypointfiles to navigate around and airfields will become more visible.

When selecting a flight (by clicking the icon on the map or the plane in 3D space), Soaringlab will zoom to the selected flight. An info screen becomes visible showing some relevant data of the selected flight. Use different camera angles to follow this flight. To reactivate the "Free moving around" mode, click on the "Free camera" icon.

If Soaringlab freezes or results look faulty, try to refresh the Radarzone. If this does not solve the problem, refresh your browser window.

When switching to "Live" mode, you will notice that the viewer clock will go back for 10 minutes, this way we create a buffer to load and analyze data of what is yet to come. It is possible to accelerate the clock untill app. 20 seconds before actual time.

If you don't want your plane to be tracked, you can register your device and select the "do not track" option. visit the Open Glider Network website

What to expect next...

  • Not many words are needed to say Soaringlab could be an excellent platform to present gliding competitions to the public, at the organizing airfield or at home on any mobile device. Providing the user complete freedom to move around and switching to flights of their interest.
  • Soaringlab can use your customized glider model to be used for live tracking.
  • Coachingtool for groundcrew so pilots can get more out of a day and maybe provide info about what's going on ahead (airspace, weather, other traffic).
  • Manage flight administration from your airfield automatically, keep an eye on your club fleet.
  • Real-time analyzes of flights in progress.
  • Many things we cannot yet imagine :)


Soaringlab live tracking is built on the Open Glider Network database. Please register your Flarm/OGN device if you want your callsign and aircraft type to be shown correctly.

Soaringlab lives by the OGN rules, this means we can only display your flights if :

  • You have a OGN receiver near your position.
  • You did not select the "no track" option when registering in the Open Glider Network device database.

Read more about installing an OGN antenna and privacy on the Open Glider Network website.