Privacy Policy (updated 30/08/2018)

We value the thrust that you place in us by sharing your flights with us. Soaringlab takes your privacy seriously and is commited to handling your personal data in a way that is fair and worth of that thrust.

Soaringlab will take all reasonable steps to protect your information from misuse and keep it secure.

We believe it is important to inform you about how Soaringlab uses your personal data.


This privacy policy explains the types of personal data we collect and how we use and protect that information :


This privacy policy applies to all personal data that is collected and used by us when you create a Soaringlab account, upload flights to your logbook or replay fligths in the Soaringlab viewer.

Personal data we collect:

The information we collect about you when you use Soaringlab's services may include the following :

How we use your personal data

Uploading flights to your logbook.

By uploading a flight to your logbook using an *.IGC file, Soaringlab will link your userprofile to this flight.

When replaying flights saved in your logbook, Soaringlab will use your name and familyname as commited on your settingspage !

Soaringlab is able to detect specific flightparameters from *.IGC files, so when other users are viewing your flights, Soaringlab will be able to connect your profile to the uploaded *.IGC and will load info that you connected to this flight. (No matter from which source the *.IGC file was downloaded)

In short : Flights loaded in the viewer, which are saved in your logbook, will show userselected name, plane and planelayout. No matter from which source the *.IGC file was downloaded.

Soaringlab remains the right to always edit and/or remove content that is incorrect or offensive in any way.